Our Trees & Shrubs

In 2001, former Garden Superintendent David Nial in collaboration with Presby Board Member and Essex County Agricultural Agent Jonathan Forsell, researched alternative and unusual trees and shrubs that can thrive in our zone 6 and be used in the home landscape. These plantings are located in the lawn above the creek creating interest and a border for the iris beds. Each one was chosen for its branching pattern, color and timing of its flowers, and shapes and colors of its leaves.

In order, from the South-West end of the Creek Bed, going down-hill toward North-East end:

Persian ironwood (Parrotia persica)
Magnolia intermedia “Elizabeth”
Hybrid Witchhazel (Hammamelis x intermedia “Primavera”)
Hybrid Witchhazel (Hammamelis x intermedia “Diane”)
Columnar Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica “Dawyck’s Purple”)
Purple Smoketree (Cotinus coggygria “Royal Purple”)
Fall-flowering Higan Cherry (Prunus serrulata “Rosy Cloud”)
Pondcypress (Taxodium ascendans nutans)
Japanese lilactree (Syringa reticulata “Ivory Silk”)
Hardy Crapemyrtle (Lagerstroemia “Natchez”)
Katsura Tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)
Korean Stewartia (Stewartia koreana)
White Fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus) (photo on left)

On May 28, 2014 Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, the NJ Devils, PwC US, and the New Jersey Tree Foundation planted 30 new trees and bushes as part of their “Pucks for Parks” initiative. The greenery, including varieties such as Silver Linden, Hawthorne, Redbud, Ginkgo, Serviceberry, Magnolia, Weeping Beech, Scholar Tree, Lilacs, Fringe Tree and Sweet Pepper Bush, will help bolster the iris population by enhancing natural pollination activity and providing additional pollination avenues in the popular garden. The trees will also help support the Garden’s educational arbor program.

2 – Tilia tomentosa Sterling Silver (Silver Linden)
1 – Crataegus viridis Winter King (Hawthorne)
1 – Prunus virginiana Shurbert (Choke Cherry) ‘Royal Burgundy’
2 – Cercis Canadensis multi-stem (Redbud)
2 – Cercis Canadensis (Redbud tree)
1 – Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Katsura) – Cercidiphyllum ‘Red Fox’
1 – Ginkgo Biloba Autumn Gold – Ginko Male
2 – Chionanthus virginicus (Fringe Tree) – Clump (not tree form)
2 – Cornus florida (Dogwood)
2 – Amelanchier can Autumn Brilliance Shrub (Serviceberry) – Clump
2 – Magnolia virginiana
2 – Fagus sylvatica Purple Fountain Weeping form (Weeping Beech)
2 – Stewartia pseudocamellia
1 – Sophora japonica Regent (Scholar Tree)
2 – Syringa Ivory Silk (Lilac)
1 – Syringa meyeri palibin
4 – Clethra ainifolia Ruby Spices (Sweet Pepper Bush)